Meant to Be

Eight weeks. 168 hours. 10,800 minutes or about 604,800 seconds. That’s how long I have been a Mom.  But if you ask me, I have been a mom for much longer than that.

It’s not the nine months that my little jaan, as I like to call her, was incubating in my belly, or the last two months that she has been in my arms.  It is more than that. From the moment, I first held her I felt I had always known her.  When her big, deep brown eyes first gazed at mine, it was not a gaze I was seeing for the first time. It was a knowing gaze, a familiar gaze, a gaze that connects us not just now but connected us before.

I believe that every person in our current life was with us before in other lifetimes.  The souls we love now where the same souls we loved in the past and are the ones that will be there for us in the future. My daughter is new to me in this life but she has been with me before and she will be with me again.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I know what my baby wants when she cries or I have answers when she is wide awake at all hours of the night. I don’t. But it does mean that I know she was meant to be mine and I was meant to be hers.

What twists and turns our life will take, no one knows.  All I know is that we will handle them together, as a family, just as we are meant to do.


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