Pick a Great Doctor

Picking a Doctor to deliver your baby is an important decision.  Not only will he or she (hopefully) be there for the actual delivery.  This is someone who you will be meeting frequently throughout your pregnancy so having a certain level of comfort and confidence with your physician is very important.  In my case, my insurance changed right around the time I found out I was pregnant.  So I had to find a new doctor whether I wanted to or not.  I used recommendations of others who recently delivered or those who were newly pregnant.

The first recommendation I received turned out to be the Doctor I chose.  Why did I pick him, you ask?  First, I loved his calm, all-knowing mannerism.  He was very practical, pleasant and I knew would sooth my nerves no matter how the pregnancy went.  I also loved that he personally delivered his patient’s babies (this I learned was not the case with many other providers where whatever doctor is on call will do that duty). My doctor also had a five-star rating on yelp and within a few minutes of meeting him I knew that was very well deserved.

Fortunately, my pregnancy has gone smoothly but as I approach delivery I am feeling in very good hands with my doctor. Many different scenarios in delivery can occur and I know whatever happens he will give me the right advice and guide the birth of my baby in the right direction.


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