Reading Time!

Yes, I am the New Indian Mom that wanted to keep myself from knowing too much or reading too much about pregnancy and raising children in hopes of keeping myself sane and not overly obsessed during my pregnancy.  But with all the changes my body was experiences I knew pretty early on that I needed at least a baseline understanding of what was going to happen over the next nine months. So I hit the virtual book store (sadly it is hard to find a real book store these days) to find a few baby books to guide me through my pregnancy.

Here are some of my favorites:

 The first book that I purchased upon finding out I was pregnant was The Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy.  After the first few chapters, I found this book too medical and not relatable.  A friend hearing my less than stellar assessment of my first pregnancy book purchase gave me her copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting and I am so happy she did.  This book was easy to read and had a good balance of medical jargon and everyday language to explain how the baby is growing and how I can expect my body to change week over week.  It is written in an accessible way and supported my goal of not over-obsessing.  I read only the part of the book that related to my week of pregnancy and never read ahead, until I hit my third trimester (yes, I am in my 3rd-tri already).  Upon beginning the third trimester and realizing the finish line was near, I did read ahead in the book just to know what to expect if baby came early. I think I trained myself so well in the first and second trimesters that reading ahead did not freak me out or cause me to obsess, which was great (even when I read the dreaded labor and delivery chapter).

The second book that I highly recommend is The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy.  This was given as a gift from another dear friend and mom of two adorable girls.  This is by far the best book in my collection.  It leaves the medical mumbo jumbo to the doctors and talks more about the experience of being pregnant the way only your girlfriends’ can,  at least, the ones who’ve been through the “exhilaration and exhaustion, the agony and ecstasy of pregnancy”.  It’s funny, witty, and as real as it gets.  If you are expecting and haven’t picked up this book yet – do so now!  It is great and I savored each and every word as if it were written just for me.  I think you might feel the same.

Besides the baby books, it’s good to keep some non-baby related books by your bedside too. You will need something to distract you from the pregnancy and sometimes a gripping novel or some trashy gossip magazines do the trick.

Are you expecting a baby soon or have you had one recently?  What were your favorite books to read while pregnant?



2 thoughts on “Reading Time!

  1. I highly recommend all of Glenn Doman’s books, but a good one to start at is “Fit Baby, Smart Baby, Your Baby.” He will change your perspective on raising a baby. I had great success from his methods and similar ones.

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