Gender Reveal Backlash

My Leading Man and I thought our decision to not find out the gender of our baby would just be our mystery to deal with.  Boy, where we WRONG.

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE had an opinion to give us on why we should be finding out.  By EVERYONE I mean not only future Grandparents – they were down right angry at us and to this day think we know and are just not telling them – but friends, co-workers, and most baffling of them all, down right strangers.

As most pregnant women know, strangers have no problem coming up to you at a restaurant, in a store, at the mall, at the movies and virtually any other place where your ballooning belly is visible to them and wanting to ask you about your pregnancy.

Question #1 – When are you due? 

Question #2- What are you having?

For me, the positive inquiry ended with question #2.

The look of horror and disbelief when you reveal that you are choosing not to find out if it is a boy or a girl was shocking the first handful of times it happened.  Eventually I got used to it.  The most popular follow on questions people would ask me were:

Well how will you buy it clothes? 

“How will you decorate the nursery?”

“How will you decide on a shower theme?”

“So you want to be unprepared for baby?”

And so on and so forth. Some days I found it beyond irritating to deal with these inquisitions (and trust me they happened almost every time I was in public).  Other days, I found it amusing because I knew what slew of questions were about to come my way.

The baby will have tiny little outfits and they will be adorable (they will just be neutral in color).  The nursery is in progress and in my opinion looks fabulous (yes, there will be a future post on this soon).  We had two baby showers and both went off without a hitch (more on that soon too).  And as for being unprepared, knowing the gender would not help me be a more prepared parent. For me, it would lead to more confusion, stress and obsession about how to raise a Little Miss or a Little Mister.

While there are times when I want to know and I am beyond curious to find out, keeping it a mystery has been a wonderful part of our personal journey.


4 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Backlash

  1. You’re far more disciplined than I was! I wanted to know so badly. I admire those who choose not to find out (although I always think they’re “lying” and that they know but simply don’t want to tell) There are so few genuine surprises in the world, and gender is one of them. Apparently the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge didn’t know (but I think they’re lying..)

  2. Don’t let people make you feel guilty for not finding out the gender of your baby. It takes a strong person to not find out and I think it would be fun knowing what gender my baby was. However, I always found out so that I could connect with my babies and so that I could already have a name picked out.

  3. Thanks for your support. We are in the final stretch and not knowing has gone well for us but other people remain shocked. It is a personal choice and it makes me happy to hear that for you knowing the gender helped you feel more connected to baby. That’s great!

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