The First Trimester

Almost the same day that I found out we were expecting our first child, I begin to experience the dreaded morning sickness.  However, in my case, it wasn’t morning sickness but late afternoon/early evening sickness.  I cannot say how my sickness compares to other pregnant women.  All I know is that for me it was overwhelming and exhausting.

I was one of those people who prior to becoming pregnant can count on one hand the number of times I had a cough or a cold.  I enjoyed good health my entire life.  So imagine my shock and complete inability to cope once baby started to make its presence known in my body.  The nauseous feeling was overwhelming and made the afternoons and early evenings adventurous to say the least.  I never knew how bad it would be but most days were pretty darn bad.

In the first trimester I lost seven pounds as I simply couldn’t keep anything down.  While feeling so sick, I was working full-time and trying to disguise my pregnancy from colleagues. No easy feat when I had to run out of  afternoon meetings to the restroom to deal with my severe nausea or had to pull over the car on the drive home to vomit.

During one particularly rough weekend, I started crying and told My Leading Man that his child was trying to kill me.  “Now what kind of mother says that?”  he retorted.  “Many probably think it but probably don’t say it out loud” I shouted back.

And so it went for twelve long weeks.


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