No you didn’t? Oh yes, we did!

There are literally hundreds of ways to go about telling people you are expecting a baby.  You can pick up the phone and call someone.  You can go the social media route and blast a post to all of your friends and followers.  You can throw a  party and make an announcement in front of a crowd. You can send announcements in the mail with a creatively orchestrated picture.

The options are limitless.

For us, none of these options seemed quite right.  As a couple in our mid-thirties expecting a baby for the first time we are surrounding by friends and family with their own conception struggles and triumphs. It seemed insensitive to our friends who were struggling to engage in any kind of public announcement. It also didn’t feel comfortable to call each person and give them our news.  I wasn’t sure what type of reaction I would receive over the phone, especially from the friends who were working on their own fertility issues.

So what was the solution?

Text message of course.  Now it may seem cold or even dry to some of you to send a text message but it was the only creative way I could figure out how to tell people without creating any artificial or immediate reaction.  The text messages were extremely well received and I believe for those who were struggling with conception, a more sensitive way to tell them.  The texts went something like this:

Hello Aunty & Uncle. This is Baby Sharma and I arrive in August.  Super excited to meet you. 

It was sweet, simple and to the point.  The responses back were simply wonderful.

How would/did you announce a pregnancy to others?  Would you ever go the text message route?


2 thoughts on “No you didn’t? Oh yes, we did!

  1. Oh no you didn’t!?! 🙂 that was very sensitive and a really nice idea I think given the state of many of the folks you are surrounded by. I did the phone thingy and you know how word spreads so I said it to the few that I was close to and word got around for the rest 🙂

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