Start Spreading The News

The best part of finding out you are pregnant is sharing the news with others.  While My Leading Man and I were pleased with the news I was very cautiously optimistic.  I wasn’t exactly excited or ecstatic the way people expected me to be.  Maybe the reality hadn’t fully sunk in. Maybe I had heard to many stories about things that could go wrong during pregnancy. Part of me just wanted to keep the news to myself for as long as possible.

Yet there were people who deserved to know right away and we wanted them to share in our joy, however tempered it may be.  After a few days of just letting the news settle we told  my Mother-in-Law over the phone, who was extremely happy.  In almost the same breath that she expressed her enthusiasm she started spewing a series of instructions related to what to eat, what to not eat, what to lift and not lift, how much rest to get and so much more.  It was a lot to absorb for a first conversation but she was clearly excited and I was happy to hear her so happy.

My mom found out a few days later when we were visiting her in person.  My Leading Man had practiced a way of telling her but fumbled the delivery.  After some confusion, my mom finally figured out what My Leading Man was trying to tell her.  There were hugs and tears. Mostly a whole lot of excitement.

Every expecting mom needs a tribe of people to support her through the process.  Even in the early stages.  While all the baby books, doctors and blogs out there advise you to wait to tell people until you clear the first trimester hurdle, I felt that I needed/wanted to share with a few key people before that.  I knew I would need support and I knew which of my friends were most likely to provide that support .  So once our families knew, I told two of my friends and My Leading Man told one of his.  That was our tribe and it was incredibly supportive and helpful to have people to talk to in those early weeks.

The rest of our friends and family slowly started to find out after the 12 week marker.  How did we share?  Find out in the next post.


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