A Weekend of Waiting

The weekend passed painfully slow. My Leading Man and I tried to keep ourselves busy by shopping, trying new restaurants, watching movies and what ever else we could think of that was sufficiently distracting.  Unfortunately, no amount of distraction worked.  All we wanted to know is would we or would we not get the news we wanted?  Would we be pregnant?  Would we be on our way to a family or would we be back to square one, back to fertility treatments, back to getting our hopes up only to be let down?

In our own way we were prepped for either scenario.  Of course being pregnant would be amazing and exactly what we hoped for.  Yet we are both very grounded in reality and knew from the experiences of our friends and acquaintances that these treatments do not always work on the first attempt.  We kept hearing stories of couples trying time after time with unsuccessful results.  I didn’t have to look much further than the desperate look of other patient’s faces in the fertility clinic’s waiting room.  They had clearly been down this road before and had experienced all of the emotions we were now experiencing.

My Leading Man kept reassuring me that no matter the result we can handle it. If we are pregnant, that would be a huge blessing and we will move happily into a completely new phase of our lives.  But if we are unsuccessful, we will just keep trying and trying and trying until it works.  With so many options available to couples these days, he just believed that something would have to work at some time.

His reassurances seemed practical and slightly disheartening all at the same time.

One more sleep until I know if it is Mom-to -eb or try-try-again.


4 thoughts on “A Weekend of Waiting

  1. Hi there, just stumbled across your blog and read through it. This is one helluva ride isn’t it?! It was no easy job for my husband and I either, getting pregnant that is. It took us a little more than 9 months. So hang on there. I’m having trouble reconciling your dates of the posts with the stories themselves. So what was the result? And why the silence for almost 4 months 🙂

  2. been following your blog for almost a year and (un)fortunately it looks like i’m about to go down that same road. Did you end up doing IVF or ‘just’ IUI? I feel so disappointed in things. and angry.

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