God Winks

I believe in God Winks.

The Universe or God or whatever you want to call the supreme power guiding our beings gives us hints that point us in an intended direction. God Winks are those little coincidences in our day that give us the winks from up above on what we need to do, the direction we need to head, the course we need to take.  The key is to hear, see, feel these coincidences as they occur in our everyday lives.  The God Winks happen in line at the grocery store, while replying to emails at work, driving, and in every other daily activity.

Squire Rushnell is the author of the God Winks series and he certainly made a believer out of me. Since reading his book several years ago I see, hear, feel God Winks all around me.  Especially now, as I deal with fertility challenges I notice these God Winks with great regularity.  I wrote about one recent God Wink here.

It is powerful to notice these coincidences in our daily lives and consider whether they are really coincidences or the Universe giving us indications on how life is about to go.

Learn more about God Winks at: http://www.whengodwinks.com/

Prepare to be inspired.


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