December 15 – The Time Has Come

It is two weeks since the IUI procedure, which can only mean one thing. Time to take a pregnancy test.

Admittedly, I was beyond curious over the last two weeks.  Am I pregnant? Am I not?  Did my fertility treatments work or will I have to go through this again?  Can I go through this again?  Will I be one of those desperate looking women in the fertility clinic’s waiting room who have tried not once, not twice but multiple times to conceive without a positive result?  If I was this anxious the first time around, just imagine how anxious I would be if/when I have to go through this again.

I try to tell myself to not think that way but I just can’t contain all the what ifs/then thats zooming through my brain.

All I can do right now is head to the lab and take the test, so that is what I do.

I roll up my sleeve, hand over my arm, they jam the needle in, give me a band-aid and I leave the lab as fast as my legs will take me.

It’s Saturday so it will be two days until I know the results.

Time to keep myself very busy.  So busy that I don’t have even a second to fully consider what could change in 48 hours or what may stay the same.


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