December 13th – Pregnancy Symptoms?

There is nothing exceptional about this morning, except one small thing.  It happened as I stood in line at my favorite coffee shop. I stop here most mornings for my daily coffee. Everything in the coffee shop looked the same.  The cops were in the corner drinking their morning joe. Kids from the nearby school were sitting and chatting loudly. And then there were people like me grabbing their coffee to go so they could enjoy on their morning commute.

I placed my order and as I waited for my non-fat wet cappuccino, I suddenly started to feel sick. I felt nauseous. I start looking around for the restroom and get concerned that I may get sick, right there in the middle of the coffee shop.  I start debating whether I should run to the restroom when suddenly it clicks.  Pregnant women get nauseous.  I must be pregnant.  I start smiling and with that the nausea subsided.  I suppose it could also be a result of me being hungry from not having my breakfast that morning.  I could just be getting a regular old cold.  But I am going to believe this is one of the first signs that I may have a baby brewing in the belly.  I have never been so happy to be nauseous in my entire life.


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