December 10 – Fortune Teller Truths?

When My Leading Man and I went to India back in February, we visited a pundit or fortune teller.  He took my date, time and place of birth along with My Leading Man’s and worked his astrological magic to compute our fortunes.  Unfortunately, it didn’t include a whole lot of fortunes in terms of actual money falling off trees (which would be nice but certainly not required).  It did however, include some predictions on jobs and children.  Specifically, the pundit said My Leading man’s job would change for the better in the November/December time frame and that his overall fortunes would vastly improve when he has his first child, which should be in progress around the same time.

Just this past weekend My Leading Man was offered a new job.  While negotiations on the details of the job are ongoing we do know it will be a bigger title, more money and more responsibility.  When I got the news about this development I was elated for My Leading Man.  I also took it as another God Wink.  I must be pregnant!  According tot the pundit, things were only expected to get better for My Leading Man once he had a baby.  Sooooo this new job news must mean that a little one is making his/her way into our life and this little one is already making things better for us.  At least, that is what I hope is happening.  *HOPE*


2 thoughts on “December 10 – Fortune Teller Truths?

  1. Just read this… Although, there was nothing wrong with the content, the fact that you mentioned “my leading man” 6 times in 2 paragraphs is annoying and distracts from the reading.

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