God Winks

I believe in God Winks.

The Universe or God or whatever you want to call the supreme power guiding our beings gives us hints that point us in an intended direction. God Winks are those little coincidences in our day that give us the winks from up above on what we need to do, the direction we need to head, the course we need to take.  The key is to hear, see, feel these coincidences as they occur in our everyday lives.  The God Winks happen in line at the grocery store, while replying to emails at work, driving, and in every other daily activity.

Squire Rushnell is the author of the God Winks series and he certainly made a believer out of me. Since reading his book several years ago I see, hear, feel God Winks all around me.  Especially now, as I deal with fertility challenges I notice these God Winks with great regularity.  I wrote about one recent God Wink here.

It is powerful to notice these coincidences in our daily lives and consider whether they are really coincidences or the Universe giving us indications on how life is about to go.

Learn more about God Winks at: http://www.whengodwinks.com/

Prepare to be inspired.


December 15 – The Time Has Come

It is two weeks since the IUI procedure, which can only mean one thing. Time to take a pregnancy test.

Admittedly, I was beyond curious over the last two weeks.  Am I pregnant? Am I not?  Did my fertility treatments work or will I have to go through this again?  Can I go through this again?  Will I be one of those desperate looking women in the fertility clinic’s waiting room who have tried not once, not twice but multiple times to conceive without a positive result?  If I was this anxious the first time around, just imagine how anxious I would be if/when I have to go through this again.

I try to tell myself to not think that way but I just can’t contain all the what ifs/then thats zooming through my brain.

All I can do right now is head to the lab and take the test, so that is what I do.

I roll up my sleeve, hand over my arm, they jam the needle in, give me a band-aid and I leave the lab as fast as my legs will take me.

It’s Saturday so it will be two days until I know the results.

Time to keep myself very busy.  So busy that I don’t have even a second to fully consider what could change in 48 hours or what may stay the same.

December 13th – Pregnancy Symptoms?

There is nothing exceptional about this morning, except one small thing.  It happened as I stood in line at my favorite coffee shop. I stop here most mornings for my daily coffee. Everything in the coffee shop looked the same.  The cops were in the corner drinking their morning joe. Kids from the nearby school were sitting and chatting loudly. And then there were people like me grabbing their coffee to go so they could enjoy on their morning commute.

I placed my order and as I waited for my non-fat wet cappuccino, I suddenly started to feel sick. I felt nauseous. I start looking around for the restroom and get concerned that I may get sick, right there in the middle of the coffee shop.  I start debating whether I should run to the restroom when suddenly it clicks.  Pregnant women get nauseous.  I must be pregnant.  I start smiling and with that the nausea subsided.  I suppose it could also be a result of me being hungry from not having my breakfast that morning.  I could just be getting a regular old cold.  But I am going to believe this is one of the first signs that I may have a baby brewing in the belly.  I have never been so happy to be nauseous in my entire life.

December 10 – Fortune Teller Truths?

When My Leading Man and I went to India back in February, we visited a pundit or fortune teller.  He took my date, time and place of birth along with My Leading Man’s and worked his astrological magic to compute our fortunes.  Unfortunately, it didn’t include a whole lot of fortunes in terms of actual money falling off trees (which would be nice but certainly not required).  It did however, include some predictions on jobs and children.  Specifically, the pundit said My Leading man’s job would change for the better in the November/December time frame and that his overall fortunes would vastly improve when he has his first child, which should be in progress around the same time.

Just this past weekend My Leading Man was offered a new job.  While negotiations on the details of the job are ongoing we do know it will be a bigger title, more money and more responsibility.  When I got the news about this development I was elated for My Leading Man.  I also took it as another God Wink.  I must be pregnant!  According tot the pundit, things were only expected to get better for My Leading Man once he had a baby.  Sooooo this new job news must mean that a little one is making his/her way into our life and this little one is already making things better for us.  At least, that is what I hope is happening.  *HOPE*

December 7 – To Do or Not To Do? That is the Question.

The doctor clearly instructed me to not eat any soft cheeses or raw meats until we know if I am pregnant or not.  But that simple instruction, while relatively easy to implement, got me thinking of all the other pregnancy dos and don’ts and whether or not I should eliminate more don’ts from my daily life now in preparation for becoming pregnant.

Take coffee for example.  Pregnant women are supposed to have no more than 100 – 200 miligrams of caffeine per day.  On a normal day I drink two cups of coffee in the morning and one again in the afternoon.  Since the typical cup of coffee has about 100 milligrams of caffeine, depending on the type of drink, I am consuming at least 300 milligrams of caffeine daily. That is waaaaayyyyy over the normal limit.  So I decided to decrease my caffeine consumption immediately by switching to decaf which has significantly less caffeine and restricting my coffee consumption to just one cup in the morning.  This is probably a good move whether I am pregnant or not.

The next area to consider was alcohol.  On a typical week, my husband and I probably enjoy a glass or two of wine at least three times a week.  While My Leading Man was away for three weeks, I would seldom if ever have a glass of wine.  So avoiding alcohol has been a surprisingly easy adjustment since I haven’t been drinking much over the last month and a half anyways. So I can easily put a check next to no alcohol.  Doesn’t seem to be a problem.

The area that will prove difficult is skin care.  Yes, skin care.  During my regular facial earlier today my esthetician informed me that there are numerous skin care projects I can no longer use once I am pregnant.  In fact, all of my most favorite products that I believe are responsible for the improvement in my overall skin quality over the last few years contain ingrediants that are not safe for expectant moms. Sadly I will have to give most of these fabulous products up if I am in fact pregant.

The prospect of implementing all of these changes all at once is a beyond daunting.  Do I really need to make all of these changes when I don’t even know if I am pregnant.

The answer is no.

As my esthetician pointed out there is no need to take on pregnancy restrictions until you actually know you are pregnant then as he so cheerfully said “just stop doing those things cold turkey.”  Besides, as he explained, the impact of alcohol, caffeine and even ingrediants in my skin care is less at the moment of conception (which is really the phase that I am in) verses once you are truly pregnant.

Point well taken.

While I may keep my switch to decaf coffee in place (since we all know how hard wheening oneself off of coffee can be) and while I think significantly reducing my alcohol consumption is another overall good practice, I think I will reserve the other changes until I have confirmation from the doctors that a baby is on the way.

Welcome Masalamommas!!!

Welcome to the fabulous readers of Masalamommas! I am sooooooooooooooo excited to be part of the Masalamommas team and to share my path to babyhood with each of you.  Perhaps some of you have struggled with fertility or know someone who has.  I hope my story resonates with each of you and I encourage you to share your stories with me.  I need the advice and support so I look forward to taking you on my journey.

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