November 22 – Hurry, I Have A Party To Host

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. Oh wait that’s Christmas because everything is stirring in our household. Not only are we dealing with the process of trying to have a baby but we are also dealing with our crazy selves who decided to invite twenty people for Thanksgiving dinner.  Things are that crazy.

I dash off to work at 7:00 AM and after four back to back meetings I jump back in my car and dash home for the baseline ultrasound. The purpose of this ultra sound is to see how many follicles I have. The follicles have eggs in them. If things look good today, I get the drug that makes the follicles bigger and thereby more probable that when we inseminate we actually get pregnant.

The ultrasound is with the nicest nurse practitioner in all the land. Kind, sweet and incredibly knowledgeable. She explained each and ever step in great detail. Within minutes images appear on the ultrasound machine. There are seven nice sized follicles on my right side. Two are nice and big which is apparently very good.  Now to see what is on the left. The nurse practitioner explains that we need more than ten total to have a good chance of successful insemination. My left side comes through with five follicles. That means I have more than 10. Yippeee!

The nurse practitioner is very encouraging. Next step is to take the prescribed fertility drug for five days. The drug should make my follicles bigger and ready for imsemination. Next appointment is in a week to see the impact of the drugs. Hopefully there are more follicles and we will be ready to inseminate a day later.

Now back to prepping for and hosting Thanksgiving.


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