November 19th – And So It Begins

And so it begins.

Early Monday morning my monthly visitor arrived like clockwork. Time to commence baby making.

Step 1: Find paper from doctor that lists what to do on day 1 of period.

Now where did I put that paper. In the home office? Nope.

Downstairs in the kitchen where I keep the mail? Nope.

In my work bag? Nope.

Okay this is getting ridiculous. Focus. Where did you keep the paper from the doctor? From room to room I go, until finally it clicks. I safely stored the paper in the top drawer of my dresser so no one would accidentally find it. No one refers to guests but I never have unannounced guests so apparently my goal was to hide it from my self.

Paper found.

Okay step 1 is to call the doctor’s office and make an appointment for a baseline ultra sound. Done.

Ultra sound scheduled for Day 3 of period. The day before Thanksgiving.


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