November 11th – I Hate Baby Showers

I hate baby showers.

I would rather poke my eyes out slowly than go to a baby shower.  I don’t want to play baby games.  I don’t want to walk around with a miniature pacifier around my neck.  I don’t want to unscramble baby terms. I don’t want to identify the celebrity baby picture. I don’t want to ohh and ahhh as the mom-to-be opens her baby gifts.  I find bridal showers similarly hideous but some how the baby shower edges out the bridal showers as the worst way of spending a saturday or sunday afternoon.

This is not to say that I don’t love my friends that are expecting – I do! And I love their babies too! But over the years I have not  hidden my general dislike for baby showers and can’t help but wonder if the Universe heard my years of grumbling about baby showers and this is why I am having baby producing problems.  If so, I am soooooo sorry Universe.  The baby showers weren’t that bad, I swear!

But because I have friends having babies, to baby showers I must go.

Today, I surprised myself and actually enjoyed this baby shower.  I played each and every game (in the past I have opted out by sneaking off to the bathroom or stepping outside to take an “urgent” phone call) and this time, guess what? I won! I won a game!  I have never won a game at a baby shower.   I have been to at least two dozen baby showers and I have played all the games (well most of them) and I have never won.  But this time I won.  I won! I won!

It has to be a sign, right?  Prize – a set a glasses.  The real prize – a baby is coming.  I can feel it.


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