December 1st – Wham Bham Thank You Ma’am

Today was the day.  The day that I underwent the IUI, or insemination procedure.  The second ultrasound two days ago confirmed that my follicles responded to the drugs exactly as expected.  They got nice and big.  Three of them were quite large, which is the result the doctor’s hope for in this situation. Yesterday, I got a shot that prompts ovulation and now all systems are a go.

As I wake up on this rainy Saturday, I am encouraged, hopefully yet slightly nervous.  I decide to take a spiritual approach to the day and start with a massage.  It was my way of relaxing and prepping my body for the procedure.  As I lay on the massage table, I recite a little mantra in my mind.  I say that my body is ready, I am ready, My Leading Man is ready. If you believe, you certainly shall receive and I most certainly do believe.

A few hours after my massage, it’s time to head to the doctor’s office.  The process is quick, simple and in less than 30 minutes the whole process is over.  There was no pain. No discomfort.  Just a quick wham bham thank you ma’am.  Now 18 million little versions of My Leading Man are swimming their way through my cervix hoping to bump into one of my enlarged follicles and make their way to meet with the eggs that are hopefully inside.  My Leading Man is waiting for me in the waiting room and he seems more excited by the quality and count of his sperm than asking me how I am feeling post procedure.  Good thing I don’t wait for him to ask. I just start telling him the details of how it went.

I spend the rest of the day just being lazy and not moving around much.  Not that moving or not moving helps or hinders the process. For me, I think I was mentally and emotionally exhausted just by having gone through this today. All I could muster the energy for was doing a whole lot of nothing.

Hoping first time is a charm because I can’t imagine going through this again and again.

I will know in two weeks if I am pregnant. Let the waiting begin.


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