December 3 – Royal Baby

In other, yet related, baby news, it was just announced that Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting a baby!!! Congrats to the happy couple and best of luck on your baby journey.  Hope to be right there with you.


December 1st – Rest? Nah, Let’s Go To A Club

Get inseminated in the morning and go to a club in the evening? Yeah that was me.

I spent most of the day lazing around and letting My Leading Man cater to my every need.  It was storming outside which made it a perfect day to cozy up on the couch and do absolutely nothing.  Plus I love being waited on and My Leading Man was doing a great job at it.

As the evening hours approached My Leading Man insisted that we go to a friend’s party at a sports bar that turns into a club.  I tried to pretend I was in pain (but I wasn’t) and then I tried to convince him that staying home would be so much more enjoyable than going out.  He wasn’t convinced. He felt that they are our good friends and we need to go to their party.

So there I am at a club standing on the sidelines while My Leading Man boozes it up and dances up a storm on the dance floor.  I am like an old lady, a total sour puss, watching everything going on but not participating.  Watching the shots go around. Watching glasses clink together in celebration. Watching skinny girls and their questionable fashion dance like they don’t have a care in the world.

As gangam style blares, I wonder how my perfectly spiritual and relaxing start to the day turned into this.

Honey, can we go home now? Please!

December 1st – Wham Bham Thank You Ma’am

Today was the day.  The day that I underwent the IUI, or insemination procedure.  The second ultrasound two days ago confirmed that my follicles responded to the drugs exactly as expected.  They got nice and big.  Three of them were quite large, which is the result the doctor’s hope for in this situation. Yesterday, I got a shot that prompts ovulation and now all systems are a go.

As I wake up on this rainy Saturday, I am encouraged, hopefully yet slightly nervous.  I decide to take a spiritual approach to the day and start with a massage.  It was my way of relaxing and prepping my body for the procedure.  As I lay on the massage table, I recite a little mantra in my mind.  I say that my body is ready, I am ready, My Leading Man is ready. If you believe, you certainly shall receive and I most certainly do believe.

A few hours after my massage, it’s time to head to the doctor’s office.  The process is quick, simple and in less than 30 minutes the whole process is over.  There was no pain. No discomfort.  Just a quick wham bham thank you ma’am.  Now 18 million little versions of My Leading Man are swimming their way through my cervix hoping to bump into one of my enlarged follicles and make their way to meet with the eggs that are hopefully inside.  My Leading Man is waiting for me in the waiting room and he seems more excited by the quality and count of his sperm than asking me how I am feeling post procedure.  Good thing I don’t wait for him to ask. I just start telling him the details of how it went.

I spend the rest of the day just being lazy and not moving around much.  Not that moving or not moving helps or hinders the process. For me, I think I was mentally and emotionally exhausted just by having gone through this today. All I could muster the energy for was doing a whole lot of nothing.

Hoping first time is a charm because I can’t imagine going through this again and again.

I will know in two weeks if I am pregnant. Let the waiting begin.

November 28th – God Wink!

It’s Gurpurab, the Birthday of Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikh faith. A few friends and I decided to go to the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) together.  As I was about to Matha Tek or bow down in prayer in front of our holy scripture the word in the kirtan the gianis were singing was “ma” or mother.

It is another sign. The ultimate God Wink.  God is winking at me, assuring me, that I will become a mom.

Thanks babaji. No problem YOU cannot solve.

November 23 – Happy Thanksgiving (From My Hyper Moody Self)

Nothing like a big holliday and inviting twenty people over for dinner to take your mind off fertility issues.

Unfortunately, the fertility issues creeped its way into our festivities in the form of mood swings. I warned My Leading Man before I started my medication the night before that one of the side effects are mood swings. My Leading Man said ” oh so things will be like normal.”  Not a time for humor mister. Not the time.

I tried to smile for my guests and play the good hostess all night but I found myself tearing up and getting mad on the inside over everything. From people not eating when dinner was served to people not leaving at the end of night and all things big and small in between.

Bottom line: never host a big dinner while dealing with medicines that cause mood swings. Never.

November 22 – Hurry, I Have A Party To Host

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. Oh wait that’s Christmas because everything is stirring in our household. Not only are we dealing with the process of trying to have a baby but we are also dealing with our crazy selves who decided to invite twenty people for Thanksgiving dinner.  Things are that crazy.

I dash off to work at 7:00 AM and after four back to back meetings I jump back in my car and dash home for the baseline ultrasound. The purpose of this ultra sound is to see how many follicles I have. The follicles have eggs in them. If things look good today, I get the drug that makes the follicles bigger and thereby more probable that when we inseminate we actually get pregnant.

The ultrasound is with the nicest nurse practitioner in all the land. Kind, sweet and incredibly knowledgeable. She explained each and ever step in great detail. Within minutes images appear on the ultrasound machine. There are seven nice sized follicles on my right side. Two are nice and big which is apparently very good.  Now to see what is on the left. The nurse practitioner explains that we need more than ten total to have a good chance of successful insemination. My left side comes through with five follicles. That means I have more than 10. Yippeee!

The nurse practitioner is very encouraging. Next step is to take the prescribed fertility drug for five days. The drug should make my follicles bigger and ready for imsemination. Next appointment is in a week to see the impact of the drugs. Hopefully there are more follicles and we will be ready to inseminate a day later.

Now back to prepping for and hosting Thanksgiving.

November 19th – And So It Begins

And so it begins.

Early Monday morning my monthly visitor arrived like clockwork. Time to commence baby making.

Step 1: Find paper from doctor that lists what to do on day 1 of period.

Now where did I put that paper. In the home office? Nope.

Downstairs in the kitchen where I keep the mail? Nope.

In my work bag? Nope.

Okay this is getting ridiculous. Focus. Where did you keep the paper from the doctor? From room to room I go, until finally it clicks. I safely stored the paper in the top drawer of my dresser so no one would accidentally find it. No one refers to guests but I never have unannounced guests so apparently my goal was to hide it from my self.

Paper found.

Okay step 1 is to call the doctor’s office and make an appointment for a baseline ultra sound. Done.

Ultra sound scheduled for Day 3 of period. The day before Thanksgiving.