October 3 – Less of A Woman?

While I am at work the idea of having to undergo fertility treatments hardly crosses my mind.  When I come home I can’t help but feel a little less womanly for not being able to conceive naturally.  I try not to focus on it.  Move on.  Doesn’t matter how my children come to me.  It matters that they come.


2 thoughts on “October 3 – Less of A Woman?

  1. Sending positive vibes your way…. I had my first child 3.5 months ago at 38 years old. My doctor had referred me to a fertitlity clinic just to make sure that everything was in working order so to speak- everything was, and thankfully my husand and I got pregnant on our own 3x… the first 2 ended in miscarriage.

    I didn’t delay pregnancy by choice. I simply happened to meet my husband and married “late” in life. We starting trying immediately once married.

    God willing everything will work out for you.

    One of my issues was my thyroid. Many women aren’t aware that levels can affect fertility. My meds also had to be tweaked several times over the course of my pregnancy.

    I’ll keep you in my prayers.

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